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The Common Awards Hub on CAVLE is the digital home for the Common Awards Theology, Mission and Ministry learning community.

In seeking to reflect the vision of Common Awards, the hub endeavors to offer an additional 'spacious place' where the richness of the diverse traditions and emphases represented by participating institutions can flourish and where unity among the participating churches and institutions can be expressed through learning and creative collaboration.

In addition to this primary aim, the Common Awards Hub acts as a key source and conduit for  information, support and guidance relevant to learners, educators, administrators,  directors of study and many others.

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Important Notice

The next Life release to will take place on Wednesday 26th November 2014. CAVLE will be unavailable from 6pm on Wednesday 26th November to 8am on Thursday 27th November. The purpose of this release is to deploy access to the digital resources provided by Durham for Durham-registered students.

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Who's Who in the CA Community

To view a list of training institutions where you can study the common awards curriculum, click here

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NEW assessment documents have been produced for the Common Awards. These include...

*  Guidelines

*  Assessment criteria

*  Marking Cover Sheets

... for all 14 different methods of assessment.

ALL up to date and approved module outlines and programme specifications can now be found on the Common Awards website at Durham university. Check the ones you are using to make sure you have the most up to date version.

See the calendar for other meetings and forthcoming events.

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‚ÄčHere are resources that give some background to the Common Awards:

*  The Preface to the Common Awards

*  The Common Awards - a short slide show

*  An Introduction to the structure of the Common Awards.

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Common Awards News

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CofE Matters

The revised Formation and Selection Criteria for Ordained Ministry in the Church of England have now replaced the former Learning Outcomes Statement for Ordained Ministry. Simiarly there are revised Criteria for Reader ministry.  The new documents can be found by clicking below: 

Selection and Formation Criteria for IME Phase 1 and 2

Formation Criteria for IME Phase 1 (Ordinands)

Formation Criteria for IME Phase 2 (Curates) 

Formation Criteria for Readers/Licensed Lay Ministers

Although the documents will be considered by the House of Bishops in December 2014, they may be used by dioceses and TEIs immediately.
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